Health Effects of Candida

Candida is yeast and it is normally present in our body and causes no problem. The problem starts when this candida yeasts starts to grow and increases in the proportion. Initially it is just a single cell organism but with the passage of time and increased growth, it forms colonies inside the human body and its effects are drastic. It normally targets the genital organs i.e. penis of men and tagine of women. Along with this candida albicans there are bacteria present in our body that controls the amount of yeast in side but when these bacteria become lesser the yeast start to grow and afterwards causes redness and itching. This is a severe itching disease and causes a lot of trouble for the patient.

Supporting environment for the yeast:

This candida yeast is most likely to grow in acidic environments and therefore when our bodies are more acidic, the amount of yeast increases manifolds and the bacteria present inside become insufficient to fight with this yeast and in result the area gets irritated.

Health effects:

Candida should be treated on time otherwise there are chances for many other diseases to start. Leaky gut syndrome is one of such examples and this disease is very dangerous; it can even cause death! Another risk arises when the yeast enters the blood stream. Candida albicans should never be left untreated because it can cause life threatening diseases. Furthermore, women are at more risk of catching this infection and related diseases. The most common reason of getting the disease is dampness. If you leave your genital organs damp and put no extra effort in drying them, then you are most likely to get this infection!

The percentage of this infection in women is greater than men. This yeast has the potential to effect whole skin but it normally targets the genital organs. Another famous type of candida is oral candida that is also known as thrush. If you have an outer infection then the best solution to treat your candida infection is to use a good anti-fungal cream. There are various anti-fungal creams available in the market and you can select out of them to control your candida infection before it is too late!